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Mike has been studying theology and apologetics since 2002.  In 2007 he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from the University of North Georgia.  While Mike has a primary interest in the theology and history of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, he also enjoys the study of other groups which deny essential Christian truths.  In addition to contributing with articles and videos at michaeljfelker.com, he has also written previously for CARM.org and the Journal for Trinitarian Studies and Apologetics.  In 2016, Mike started the JW Review Podcast where he regularly reviews current Watchtower articles and analyzes their theology in light of Scripture.

When not involved in theology and apologetics, Mike enjoys working out,  playing drums, spending time with his amazing bride Rachel, and trying to figure out a way to replace his blood with coffee.

2 thoughts on “A Brief Bio

  1. I enjoy your work and videos so very, very much.

    Born into a crypto-Jewish household that was secular but living according to many Jewish customs but not knowing why (as were all other crypto-Jews until the ’80s when the Great Return, so to speak, began), my parents put me in the care of a JW after they divorced ( an aunt of no blood relation). So for a while, until I realized who and what I was, I did the Watchtower thing, from the mid 1980s for about 10 years.

    I especially enjoyed your video about 3 years ago about the year 1919. A difficult subject that requires a tap dance sequence that ends with nothing less than sitting on a whoopie cushion, I too found the explanation ever-falling to prove a choosing. This was supposed to be their Pentecost moment, their Mt. Sinai, and yet they cannot explain it. Where the other moments are fire and trumpets, 1919 gets mostly an: “Eh…” of an explanation when you ask.

    While Jewish today, after leaving the Watchtower I further studied religion and taught Church history for a Catholic diocese in Florida. But I eventually settled into the film industry, moved out to the West Coast, where I am today, and became a 3D specialist.

    I just recently began to look back at the Witnesses when I suddenly realized so many years had passed and their prophecies should have shut them down by now. I was surprised (not really) to see them still around, but a totally different religion with different beliefs and different leadership.

    Still holding on to 1919 but without any of the details they used to highlight. Very clever. Now it’s a softshoe, still ending with sitting on that whoopie cushion though.

    Carl Hernz

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