Presentations and Guest Appearances

If you are interested in having me speak to your group, please feel free to CONTACT ME.  I don’t have any speaker fees, but if the distance requires overnight stay, I may require travel expenses.

3 thoughts on “Presentations and Guest Appearances

  1. I just watched your JW role play video- what a great exercise! The trouble is this: most believers refuse to engage the JWs when they come to our doors. Maybe it’s too intrusive for us, or we don’t know our bibles, or we are intimidated by the JW’s confidence.. regardless of the reason, I think if more of us would invite them in, listen, and ask questions, perhaps JWs would begin to think for themselves and be set free.

    1. Thanks Jen and i’m happy you took the time to watch the video and found it to be helpful! And I totally agree with your points in that Christians should feel more comfortable inviting JW’s in, ask questions, and build a relationship.

    2. I think you hit two important points square on the head. First, there are many Christians that do not study like they should. So when the Jay Dubs come knocking on our doors, we have the tendency to be intimidated and not want to engage them. A small caveat on this as well is many Christians, myself included many years ago, was that they seem to just have an answer for everything. There is a reason for this and we should not be intimidated by them. Not just any old JW can just go out on the streets and go knocking on doors. What we traditionally picture as JW are called Pioneers, and they spend many hours every week preparing to counter arguments. They are selected not just simple volunteers. They role-play and are always coming up with ways to counter someone else’s claim, especially that of Christians. They are always practicing. This is why they always seem to be so much at ease, simply because they do it more often and are more prepared. If Christians started to do this or just simply by engaging them, eventually you’ll feel more comfortable and get better as you go along as well. My point is, do not feel like you have been defeated just because they come up with something you have never heard of before or catch you off guard.
      Second, is something you kind of hinted at, and that is I’ve seen how scripture can hinder us in this area dealing with the “intrusiveness” of it all. I have often seen 2 John 1:9-10 as a reason not to let someone into your home that brings a false Gospel or religion. While I do agree with it to an extent I personally see some flaws in how it is taught. Now I’m not saying this is how it is taught in every church, so bear with me, just saying this is how I see it normally taught. Basically the teaching goes something like this. Do not allow those how bring a false Christ and Gosple into your home. If you do you are allowing evil inside and can or open up your home to demonic intrusion as well as your family. I tend to disagree with that. First a piece of wood(your door) is not going to stop Satan or demons from entering into your home. I believe the message in that verse is a little simpler than that, but much more profound. For example if I was to allow a JW to enter into my home and spend an hour or so discussing the Bible and our beliefs, I may in fact still have my faith when they leave. I may even possibly have won many arguments that were brought before me(not saying witnessing is about winning an argument), but what if those in my house are not as knowledgeable as I am. What if they hear something that troubles them. You have allowed a dangerous seed to be planted when it never should have had a chance, and you never know where it will lead.
      All that to say this. There is a reason why we should be very careful when engaging the enemy in our homes, or anywhere for that matter. I am not opposed to letting a JW or anyone into my house to discuss my faith and theirs, but it is done under certain circumstances. I would never subject my family to that unless I was confident they knew scripture and were apart of the witnessing as well. So there is a reason why many Christians are hesitant, but sometimes I think it is for the wrong reasons if that makes sense. When my family is at home, I generally stay on the porch, bring out some chairs, offer refreshments and let it go from there. Just a little caution is all I am saying. Keep in mind those who might over hear dangerous material. Other than that, once you hear their arguments, you’ve pretty much heard it all. They are not as knowledgeable as they present themselves and generally are going to go to the same verses and same lines over and over again. It actually gets to be predictable, where the conversation is going to go once you’ve done it enough.
      I wish you the best in your endeavors and hope this helps a little for all of those who have a passion for our lost brothers and sisters following that religion.

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