Debate Topics and Conditions

Since i’ve gotten myself involved in several DEBATES thus far, I would like to make myself more open to doing more.  That’s what this page is for.

Debate Conditions

  1. The debate must be in person or via audio/video.  If audio/video, it doesn’t even have to be done all at once, just as we did HERE and HERE.
  2. Both debate participants must provide a reasonable sense of personal discloser, such as their name, location, background, etc.  This means no nicknames, avatars, etc.  Thus, both participants must be real people.  

Debate Topics

(i’m open to alternative topics)

Is the JW “two classes” theology accurate?

Is the JW “Governing Body” concept biblically sound?

Does 1914 and 1919 have any biblical significance?

Are the Jehovah’s Witnesses the only organization with which a true Christian should worship?

CONTACT ME if you have a suggestion or interested in setting up a debate.

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