Frequently Asked Questions

This section will always be a work in progress and will contain FAQ’s related both to this website as well as myself. If you’d like to add an FAQ, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Are you an ex-JW?

My short answer is, no. Much of the time, this question is asked out of pure curiosity. This is very understandable because my site primarily focused on JW’s. After all, why would someone want to delve this deep into JW theology in history if they’ve never actually been one? That’s a great question. Please check out my story for the answer.

On the flip side, there are a number who ask me because they would otherwise refuse to communicate with me. This would essentially be any JW who is faithful to Watchtower teaching, therefore avoiding any communication with ex-JW’s. While I find such behavior immature, rude, and in some ways inhumane, i’m thankful that I have the advantage of being able communicate freely with faithful JW’s.

Why do you hate JW’s so much?

I’ve unfortunately received this question a lot over the years. It seems that many JW’s have bought into the modern notion that disagreement and confrontation equals hate. The interesting thing is that the argument goes both ways. When JW’s knock on my door and share with me why my beliefs are in error, should I interpret that as hate? Of course not. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do for someone is to show them what you believe to be true.

Perhaps this question arises in the context of my focus being on JW’s rather than other groups. Surely, I must hate the JW’s if i’m so regularly criticizing their beliefs? If such were the case, you could basically criticize any missionary who spends years ministering to a previously unreached people group. Remember Paul? He turned his focus to the gentiles, which obviously led to a focus on arguing against the Roman religions of the day. Think Paul ever got accused of hate? I would imagine so.

Rather than accuse me of hate, it would be far more productive to reason with one another in a respectful dialogue.

Why haven’t you written a book on Jehovah’s Witnesses?

I haven’t written a book for two reasons. 1) I simply haven’t had the time, and 2) I want to write something original. There are a plethora of books out there about Jehovah’s Witnesses. If there is any need for another book, it would be one that is updated and written from a Christian perspective. While I find Ray Franz’ books to be the best, they are very out of date (though timeless in many respects). If a new book is to be written, it probably needs to be updated every two years or so because the religion is in constant development, both in practice and doctrine. Currently, I have three ideas for books:

  1. A general doctrinal examination of the unique JW beliefs. This would be a book for JW’s. Most of the books out there are written for an audience of non-JW’s.
  2. A witnessing guide for JW’s at your door. Most Christians can’t (and shouldn’t) spend their time keeping up with JW doctrine. This would be a book to pick up, quickly study, and be ready for the 2nd visit.
  3. A book for ex-JW’s who choose to leave religion altogether (which happens often). This book would defend the Christian faith in general and leave no option for any other religion or no religion at all.

Can you do a podcast/video/article on [this topic]?

Yes! Just contact me

What are your ministry goals?

For the long term, I would want to have the best website out there when it comes to examining religions that claim to be Christian, but deny essential Christian truths. Religions that come to mind are JW’s, Mormons, Oneness, and Socinians. While i’m not set on this, I have considered what it would look like to do this full time. But i’m far from anything of the sort right now. I would also like to go back to seminary and complete my M.A. in theology.

Why don’t you focus your ministry on religions other than JW’s?

There’s only so much I have time for. While I do study as many areas of theology and apologetics as I can, I think what Christianity needs are more apologetics specialists rather than general apologists. I would prefer to be an expert in one field and think there is a need for it. If time permitted, I would definitely spend more time studying Mormonism and other groups who claim Christianity, but deny its essential truths.

What are your education credentials? Do you plan to go to seminary or pursue further studies?

I have a B.S. in Sociology from the University of North Georgia. A few years after graduating, I did a few semesters at RTS in their MA Theology program. But the price was too high to continue, especially when I got married and couldn’t live the same lifestyle as a single. I would love to go back to seminary and continue my pursuit of a degree, but only when it makes financial sense. And no, I refuse to borrow money.


Can you recommend any books on Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz

In Search of Christian Freedom by Ray Franz

The Gentile Times Reconsidered by Carl Olaf Jonsson

Pretty much everything else is out of date, not written from a Christian perspective, or I haven’t read it.

Why don’t you spend more time arguing for the Trinity?

Hasn’t there been enough of that already? Countless volumes have been written and countless debates have happened. What else could I possibly add to the discussion? But if you’ll notice, the Watchtower rarely addresses it either. Remember, i’m reviewing the Watchtower Study Edition and Weekly Workbooks nearly every week. If the Watchtower brings something up related to Christology or the Trinity, I do try to address it.

Why don’t you think I should use Trinitarian arguments with JW’s at my door?

The Trinity is often times one of the hardest doctrines for a JW to comprehend. Wouldn’t it be better to lead in with something that they could relate to better? For example, you could talk about the new birth. It’s already something they agree with, but they differ with you regarding its application. Plus, the new birth is essential to salvation. Or how about the New Covenant? Jesus as mediator? Partaking of the Lord’s Evening Meal? These are extremely important topics and essential for salvation. But they are topics that JW’s may not be as prepared to discuss, which means they might be open to hearing arguments from you that they’ve never heard before. Overall, i’ve found the conversations over these topics to be far more fruitful.

Why do so many ex-JW’s become atheists or leave religion altogether?

There is so much invested into the JW religion physically and emotionally that when you leave, you are so overwhelmed with freedom (which is actually enslavement to sin) that the things of this world are more appealing than anything a religion could offer. So it’s not that all non-religious ex-JW’s become intellectual atheists. Rather, I think they just become secular and could care less to give another thought to anything religious.

But for those who leave and are wanting to search for “the truth”, I think there is the temptation to question everything just as strongly as you questioned the JW religion. In other words, if all these JW doctrines can be questioned, why not question the accuracy of the Scriptures or even the existence of God? I think it’s very important to do more than just criticize the Watchtower. You must offer something better in return.

What kind of church do you attend?

Right now, this question is pretty complicated because i’m in search for a local church and my family situation is difficult (and too personal to get into here). Ideally, I would want to attend a church that is strong in Reformed Theology and has a lively community to be involved.


How do you find the time to do this?

To be honest, it’s quite the juggling act. Work and family take up most of my time. I basically have to sneak anything I do incrementally. If I waiting for my next open block of time to do all my podcast prep and recording, i’d never get it done. For my podcast prep, i’m squeezing in 10 minutes here and there throughout the week. By the time Friday or Saturday rolls around, I have everything prepared to sit in front of my computer, record, and then squeeze in 5 minutes here and there throughout the day to get everything edited and posted.

What podcasts do you listen to?

I’ll just list my favorites. And these go beyond theology/apologetics. You can find any of these in iTunes podcasts:

Beroean Pickets – Reviewer – They don’t post as often as i’d like them to, but great in examining JW theology. But they’re not evangelical in their beliefs.

Building a Story Brand – Donald Miller’s podcast. If you’re into marketing and sales, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Capturing Christianity – If you’re into Christian philosophy, this is the podcast for you. Expert guests are often interviewed. Also, general apologetics from a classical perspective.

Conversations with Matt DeLockery – Great exegetical discussions and classical apologetics.

Cultish – All about the cults

Defenders – William Lane Craig’s “Sunday school” class. As much as I disagree with Craig, this class is extremely educational.

The Dividing Line – Dr. James White’s podcast. For sure my favorite and one i’ve listened to longer than any other.

ID The Future – all about intelligent design and evolution

Paul Washer – If you like passionate preaching that leaves you very uncomfortable and convicted, then this is for you.

Plodcast – Doug Wilson’s podcast. Lots about culture, politics, and relates it to the Christian worldview.

Apologia Radio – Probably the most entertaining of any apologetics podcast.

Reasonable Faith – William Lane Craig’s podcast.

Risen Jesus – Mike Licona’s podcast. If you don’t know him, he’s one of the foremost experts on the evidence for the resurrection.

Science, Scripture, Salvation – Podcast of the Institute for Creation Research. Young Earth perspective.

Sell or Die – All about selling.

Stand to Reason – Call in apologetics radio show.

Take Control of Your Heath – Dr. Mercola has live discussions with experts. A lot of these discussions are very technical, so be warned.

The Briefing – Al Mohler’s podcast. Can’t recommend this more highly. U.S. and world news analyzed from a Christian worldview perspective.

The Dave Ramsey Show – All about finances.

The Devoted Word – Excellent exegetical discussions.

The Doctor’s Farmacy – Dr. Mark Hyman’s health podcast. A more heavy than i’d prefer on environmental stuff, but great at confronting the food and medical industry.

Dr. Gundry Podcast – Really applicable and easy to understand health advice.

The Empowering Neurologist Podcast – This one doesn’t post often, but great health insights.

Gospel in Life – Dr. Tim Keller’s sermons.

Unbelievable? – One of my top favorites. Every week there is a discussion/debate between Christians or a Christian and non-Christian.

Viewpoint on Mormonism – All about Mormonism. They post a show nearly every day, so it’s hard to keep up. But excellent content always.

What does your wife think of all this?

She’s fully supportive! But I would be lying if I said she shares the same level of interest in these things as me. But that’s ok and it makes our marriage far more exciting.

What do you do for a living?

I’m in sales. I sell commercial interior products. I work completely remote, which allows me to have a flexible, though extremely busy, schedule.


What equipment do you use to make your podcast?

I run a late 2014 Mac mini with a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB memory, and a 1 TB fusion drive. Mac mini’s are very under estimated. If you want a Mac at a more affordable price, look no further. On top of that I have dual monitors. My mic is a Blue Yeti. For video, I am using my iPhone Xs (with EpocCam HD app).

For my podcast software, I use Screenflow for all the video and Accordance Bible Software. While you may not see it in my videos, I make a lot of use out of Logos Bible Software for my research.

What equipment do you wish you had?

A completely maxed out Macbook pro. Not only could I use the horsepower, but the mobility is needed. With a desktop, i’m basically confined to one location for my videos and podcasts.