Help my friend and spread the word!

Per Chris’ POST:

As I explained in my previous post, Perissos Resources and TheologyWeb are trying to put together a large theology conference in Jacksonville, Floriday, for early 2013. Although details are still minimal, including the names of speakers and panelists, those ministries (and I) are reaching out to many big names to come and speak on a variety of topics. The conference does, truly, promise to be great–but first the ministries putting it together need to know that there is enough interest to justify the effort. Please go to this link and then to the survey it links to, and express your interest to come out to Jacksonville to meet Dee Dee Warren and me, and be edified by many other speakers. In the three-and-a-half days or so in which the survey has been up, they’ve received nearly 70 responses, which is very encouraging–an average of about 19 responses a day. But we still need 180 responses and have 10 more days to receive them, so make your voice heard!

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