What is the proper view of the Watchtower and its literature?

In the following Watchtower article, two viewpoints are contrasted.  The first is the improper view,

*** w64 9/15 p. 574 Experiencing Jehovah’s Love ***


Not all the persons I have known in the organization have maintained their appreciation for the truth. To illustrate this, I want to mention an experience I had while in the pilgrim service. I was in Philadelphia at the time, and, after I had given a talk, an elective elder who claimed to be a brother came up to me and said: “Brother Riemer, I got my Watchtower this morning. The only reason I read that Watchtower is to find out what you fellows in Brooklyn are trying to put over on us.” That was the spirit of some of the elective elders. They were causing splits in the congregations and in the work.

Contrast this improper view with what would be a proper view of the Watchtower in the very next paragraph,

*** w64 9/15 p. 574 Experiencing Jehovah’s Love ***

In contrast to the attitude of these elective elders was that of an elderly couple with whom I stayed on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia. The brother went down to get the mail before breakfast, and when we had breakfast he said, “Brother Riemer, I got a new Watchtower this morning, and do you know the first thing that Ma and I do when we get that Tower? We kneel down before we take the wrapper off and ask Jehovah to make us worthy to see what the message is that Jehovah has for us. Now, before we take the wrapper off, will you kneel down and pray with us?” How different that elective elder was from this humble couple who appreciated Jehovah’s organization!

Is Watchtower literature simply “Bible study aids” or something more?  What is your view of Watchtower literature? Does your attitude and behavior reflect the improper view or the proper view?

2 thoughts on “What is the proper view of the Watchtower and its literature?

  1. Could not a pastor’s sermon also be considered a message from God, in a sense, if it were firmly grounded on the Bible? If so, could not those hearing (or reading) it thank God for it? No doubt the 1st century Christians were thankful for the faith-strengthening expressions of their fellow believers, even when not inspired. So I don’t think this incident (which happened nearly 100 years ago judging from the historic terminology used in that 1964 Watchtower) or the attitude of that older couple was entirely wrong, even though the vast majority of my fellow Witnesses don’t express it in that way!

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