9 thoughts on “Who or What is God’s Channel of Communication?

  1. Just a correction Mike , the GB write very few of the articles in either the Awake or Watchtower. There is in fact a writing committee, that give assignments to various JWS around the world to write the articles, however correct that the GB endorse or “rubber stamp” these before they are printed and distributed in the ministry .

    1. Hi Adrian- I agree and understand this distinction. But I still think it’s helpful to refer to the literature as coming from the GB. Reason being, JW’s wouldn’t have any obligation to have absolute unquestionable obedience to a mere writing committee. Since the GB approves it, it’s safe to say “it’s coming from them.”

  2. Removal of my earlier post? Endless, useless debates..just as the Pharisees in the Bible…Satan smiles upon you.

  3. Not directly relevant to the topic? Really?

    These men call themselves “Christ’s brothers” and Gods channel of communication and direction for Christians today as you know. But what do their words and deeds actually show? The GB loves to boast about its credentials for its appointment, and gush about how they “love” each and every JW.

    As a group and individually, they do not support victims of abuse and systemically persecute those very victims that they should be supporting by their very own “two witness” policy etc etc. Yet for other crimes, 2 witnesses are not required? This is a perversion of Christianity.

    “Christs brother” Mr. Jackson, admitted at the ARC for all to see, that he had never read/listened to any evidence from Australian victims. These victims are Christ’s sheep. How could any of these people be chosen to “govern” Christians in the spirit of Christ as the Great Shepherd, let alone be Gods chosen channel of communication today? They are denying Christ and his spirit by their own words and actions. Even the pathetic Jackson under oath stated that it would be presumptuous for them to think of themselves as Gods sole channel of communication today.

    To me, their abuse reporting policies and the lack of real love that it shows, alone this is the greatest evidence that they are not and cannot be Gods channel of communication for Christians. I harken to the scripture Matt. 7:22. It applies to these false teachers.

    But its not relevant.


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