Watchtower Study Review – December 18-24, 2017 – “Chariots and a Crown Safeguard You”

Reviewing the study article in the October 2017 Watchtower Study Edition, “Chariots and a Crown Safeguard You.”

Topics of discussion: 1914, 1919, the Faithful Slave, and the Organization.


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7 thoughts on “Watchtower Study Review – December 18-24, 2017 – “Chariots and a Crown Safeguard You”

  1. Another good review Mike. Yes, 1919 is yet another fabricated “focal” year.

    On a personal note, do you play guitar? I noticed you have one on the wall behind you?

  2. Also Mike, check out the latest clips on JW Broadcast. The call for blind obedience to the GB is getting more desperate daily.

  3. Also too, type/antitypes were supposedly not to be taught anymore. Yet, here is another Study Article based on a contrived type/antitype…….

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