Watchtower Study Review – January 1-7, 2018 – “Are You Taking Refuge in Jehovah?”

Reviewing the study article in the November 2017 Watchtower Study Edition, “Are You Taking Refuge in Jehovah?”

Topics of discussion: elder authority, types/anti-types/dual-fulfillments, the Anointed Class, Jesus as mediator, and the second chance doctrine.


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One thought on “Watchtower Study Review – January 1-7, 2018 – “Are You Taking Refuge in Jehovah?”

  1. Thanks again for your time and effort doing this review Mike. I have a couple of observations to note. 1) You are correct that the current JW Judicial System is indeed NOT scripturally- based. In truth, it actually is more like the Catholic Confessional.

    2) The Type/Antitype and the Initial Fulfillment/Greater Fulfillment are actually one-in-the-same in JW Theology. The GB SAYS we should “be reluctant”, but in reality, they still make use of the practice when it is convenient for their own ends.

    Thanks again Mike,


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