Watchtower Study Review June 11-17, 2018 “Serve Jehovah, the God of Freedom”

Reviewing the April 2018 Watchtower Study Edition for the week of June 11-17, 2018.

Topics of discussion: freedom in the organization, Second Chance Doctrine, Higher Education, interpreting 2 Cor. 4:4, pointing others to Jesus (not just Jehovah), simplifying your life to serve Christ.


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4 thoughts on “Watchtower Study Review June 11-17, 2018 “Serve Jehovah, the God of Freedom”

  1. Hello.mike, I am a little confused initially by the presentation. It appears you’re building a case upon verses in 2 corinthians. However, it appears you mention 2 corinthians 5: 20-23, but I do not find them.not in the bible. I see 20 and 21 but could you clarify the verses you are in reference to? Then I can continue. Thanks

  2. Sorry Rotherham, I don’t know where I got v. 22-23 from. I meant to say 20-21. Let me know if I can clarify further. It’s a good thing i’m not God’s sole channel of communication on earth 😉

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