Watchtower Study Review – March 4-10, 2019 “Do Not Be Anxious, for I Am Your God”

Reviewing the March 4-10 study article in the January 2019 Watchtower Study Edition.

Topics of discussion: Christology, omitting Jesus, two-class system

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16 thoughts on “Watchtower Study Review – March 4-10, 2019 “Do Not Be Anxious, for I Am Your God”

  1. PLease know, Michael, as always, I am ready and willing to discuss any topic with you that you would like to, and probably some you wont, such as Jesus being Almighty God. Ready when you are.

  2. Well yes, but so is Moses, and the angels, and human judges. Clearly, having the word theos applied to something or someone does not make that one almightyGod as you have indicated .There are numerous scriptural arguments that completely falsify Jesus being Almighty. Would like to discuss them with you


    1. Ok, so what did I specifically say (quote me if necessary) that was unscriptural? I don’t recall even using the word “Almighty” in the video. I was being far more modest than what you seem to be attributing to me.

  3. When you proclaimed in the video that Jesus was God, did you not mean that he is Almighty God, whether you actually said the word Almighty or not?


    1. For the purposes of the video, I wasn’t trying to establish or imply that Jesus is “Almighty” God. Of course, I do believe that Jesus is Almight God, but that wasn’t what I was trying to prove. Rather, I was trying to establish parallels between the Hebrew Scripture use of “my God” and the Christian use of it with Christ. Any Christian should feel comfortable with such usage in their relationship to Christ as their risen Lord. And I suspect that most JW’s rarely, if ever, use such phraseology towards Christ. In contrast, I know of other Unitarians who have no problem with such usage, nor do they have any problem with praying to and worshipping Christ alongside the Father.

  4. Of course you were, Mike. As I said, when you called Jesus “God” in the video I think that I can guarantee that you were thinking “Almighty God”. What other use of God would you be thinking of?
    I don’t consider what other Unitarians are doing to be much of a reliable guide.


    1. What I care about is whether what I *said* is Scriptural or not. If you want to call my motives and integrity into question, then I really don’t care and don’t want to waste my time discussing that with you. You’ve still failed to show one single instance in this video where what I *said* was unscriptural.

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