Love and Appreciation for Jehovah Lead to Baptism

Reviewing the study article, “Love and Appreciation for Jehovah Lead to Baptism” from the March 2020 Watchtower Study Edition.

Topics of discussion: Baptism, Shunning, Evangelism, Holidays, Ransom, Second Chance Doctrine

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4 thoughts on “Love and Appreciation for Jehovah Lead to Baptism

  1. BTW, since 2019 the JW 2 baptism questions no longer even bother to mention “spirit” at all, so they can’t even get away with pretending to claim it’s a Christian baptism.

    1. It’s quite noteworthy that the Watchtower doesn’t give anyone explanations for these changes. Apparently, no one is supposed to wonder why and just accept it. My next review will be on the proceeding article and will definitely elaborate on how their baptism theology is extremely unchristian. In fact, they go out of their way to diminish Christ, to the point of claiming that he’s “the second most important in the universe.”

  2. The main reason JW·org publishes so many baptism study-articles is because of the ‘exodus’ from the org; they’ve been losing so many more members (in English countries especially) like a great awakening, partly due to the increasing exposure from multiple primetime network TV documentaries exposing their cover-ups of child abuse…

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