I Have Called You Friends – Watchtower Study Review April 2020

Reviewing the study article, “I Have Called You Friends” from the April 2020 Watchtower Study Edition.

Topics of discussion: having a relationship with Jesus, the anointed class, giving money to the Watchtower

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One thought on “I Have Called You Friends – Watchtower Study Review April 2020

  1. Super analysis Michael. I am sure this article was published as immunization against the criticism that Witnesses do not know Jesus. But the facts are as you point out that they do not have any kind of a personal relationship with Him unless tacking on the name of Jesus to a prayer counts for something. Our fellowship is with the Father and the Son; eternal life is knowing (ginosko not gnosis) Father and Son. We are invited to come to Jesus to share our burdens with Him, to call on Him as all New Testament Christians did. Come unto me is a command as well as an invitation. Obviously Witnesses do not have a biblically normative relationship with Jesus Christ.
    Keep up the great analysis of their articles!

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