1920 and Watchtower’s Promotion of a False Gospel

Reviewing the article, “1920 – One Hundred Years Ago” from the October 2020 Watchtower Study Edition. This podcast covers the Watchtower’s recounting of the various 1920 preaching campaigns and the messages that were proclaimed during that time, which includes the distribution of The Finished Mystery and the message of, “millions now living will never die.”

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One thought on “1920 and Watchtower’s Promotion of a False Gospel

  1. You were wondering what the elders would say about the Finised Mystery book. I know what Joseph Rutherford would say, the answer is found on the preface of the Light one book pages 5-6 written in 1930. He said there was never written a good explanation of the book of Relation prior to 1930.

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