Keep Calm and Trust in Jehovah – Watchtower Study Review January 2021

Reviewing the study article, “Keep Calm and Trust in Jehovah” from the January 2021 Watchtower Study Edition.

Topics of discussion: is your religion the cause of your anxiety, the anointed class, the resurrection, going to meetings, obeying God over men

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3 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Trust in Jehovah – Watchtower Study Review January 2021

  1. Please start with the reading or comment straight ahead and ask for contributions afterwards.

    When religion is causing anxiety, could there not be a problem? The belief in the Only One True God and His sent one brings salvation and liberates people from difficulties and anxiety.

    Trust in Jehovah is the strength of a person, but in Christendom we find many who have taken Jesus as their god instead of keeping to the God of Jesus.

    After ten minutes trying to listen to this we gave up. You better make it more concise and coming to the point earlier.

    1. Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve already implemented these changes and I now go right into the article reviews and talk about the other stuff at the end. Check out one of the more recent podcasts and let me know what you think.

      1. In: As a Congregation, Help Bible Students to Progress to Baptism – Watchtower Study Review March 2021 –

        Not having the Watchtowerarticles it is good you now came to read some parts of the spoken about article so that we can have a better idea what you are talking about.

        Biblestudy shall always include and demand some adjustment and steady progress. For sure it will help when you become a Biblestudent or a searcher for the biblical Truth. Biblestudents can progress people to come in the truth, but one does not have to have a congregation to bring people to the truth nor to baptism.

        It is good you indicate that identifying Christ is the good religion. This is still a very great problem in this world, where the majority prefers to make other gods for themselves than the God of the Bible, Who is an invisible All-knowing eternal Spirit Being.
        Even a lot of people who call themselves Christian do not recognise Jesus is the way to God, but have made Jesus unto their god instead of accepting him as the way to God.

        In a way you perhaps saw the JW idea of their article in another sense, them wanting to talk about the way a congregation can help to come baptism, and not as such wanting to say that connection with JW are with other Biblestudents would be the way to baptism.

        Perhaps there was no intention at all to talk about qualifying for baptism. The Title of that article does also not give that indication to us.

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