The Great Crowd of Other Sheep Praise God and Christ – Watchtower Study Review January 2021

Reviewing the study article, “The Great Crowd of Other Sheep Praise God and Christ” from the January 2021 Watchtower Study Edition.

Topics of discussion: the great crowd, the anointed class, the memorial, 1935, 191, the second coming and judgment, the second chances theology

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4 thoughts on “The Great Crowd of Other Sheep Praise God and Christ – Watchtower Study Review January 2021

    1. Are you ok with me sharing your email with someone so they can send you ZOOM details? I actually know groups who do the Lord’s Supper monthly virtually. FYI, these groups consist of ex-JW’s and some PIMO JW’s.

    2. Michael,

      I was just provided some info, so I won’t need to share your email. There’s a group in the UK that meets at 7pm every Friday. They are doing communion next Friday and I think they do it last Friday of every month. Weekly, they just do a bible study.

      ZOOM ID: 841 2211 3235
      Password: 938143

      Let me know if you need more info. Grab some wine and whatever bread or crackers you would like. If you’d like to get in contact with Jim, the guy who runs it, let me know. Hope this helps!

  1. How should I prepare the emblems for observing the memorial. I would happily take communion from a church but they are all COVID closed.

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