God’s Kingdom Began Ruling in 1914?

Reviewing the recent video, “God’s Kingdom Began Ruling in 1914.” I also referenced an article I wrote a while back which explains the 70 year prophecy and 607. This article can be accessed HERE.

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One thought on “God’s Kingdom Began Ruling in 1914?

  1. This is astounding!

    It’s surprising to know that archeologists and historians do not support the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon in 607 BCE but rather in the year 586-587 BCE.

    This means that without 607 BCE Jesus did NOT take Kingship in 1914 and we are not necessarily living in the last days as such.

    Interestingly, Daniel never said that his dream regarding King Nebuchadnezzsar had a second prophetic meaning for the year 1914 AD.

    Further Jesus said “all power and authority HAS BEEN given to me both in heaven and on earth” What else could have been given to him in 1914? Jesus already had it all.

    Finally, I now realize that one cannot take one prophecy regarding one event in the bible and apply it to another event and force it to fit.

    Thank you, Michael, for your great insight in understanding the Word of God and the ability to take the Watchtower apart bit by bit and recognize falsehood.

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