John 14:1-3 – The Great Crowd inherits the abodes in heaven? (Jehovah’s Witness issue)

In THIS VIDEO I go through a series of cross references found in the New World Translation to show that the Great Crowd inherits the abodes that are supposedly in heaven.  This argument can be very simply demonstrated by following the cross references beginning in John 14:2, which takes you to Luke 16:9 and then to Matthew 25:34.

The problem is John 14:2 and Luke 16:9 are passages exclusively in reference to the “Anointed Class” according to JW’s.  But in Matthew 25:34, the “Great Crowd” are those who are to inherit the kingdom according to JW’s.  It would seem then, that according to the NWT, the “kingdom” that the Great Crowd are said to inherit are the “abodes” or “dwelling places” in John 14:2 and Luke 16:9.  But in light of the Watchtower’s theology, how can this be so?


It turns out that this is a poor argument that I will no longer use.  I should have been more thorough in my investigation and realized the following:

“Watchtower 7/15/2005 p.28 par.10,which says:”By being faithful in this way, we make friends with Jehovah God and Jesus Christ, the possessors of “the everlasting dwelling places.They will receive us into these places, granting us eternal life either in heaven or in Paradise on earth

That is, while John 14:2 is unique to the “anointed class” who go to heaven, the JW’s also believe that Luke 16:9 is for both the anointed class and the great crowd.  Therefore, the chain I created is broken and this is not a solid argument.  While I strongly hold that John 14:1-3 does not teach that Christians will spend eternity in heaven as a metaphysically distinct location from the new earth, I don’t believe my argument was sound.  I’ll be removing the YouTube video and regret that it might have been used by others in witnessing to JW’s.  

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