To my commenters

In light of all of my recent posts to which some have commented, I have yet to respond. Please consider the previous post where I explained my reasons for this. Once I finish editing and posting all the pre-written articles that I plan to post, then I’ll do my best to address some of the comments.

Please do not take my lack of response as anything personal. In fact, if I were not planning a wedding, working on my Master’s degree, my involvement with ministry, and working a full time job with a lot of traveling, I’d spend more time responding. Sometimes you just have to pick and choose what you are going to do with your time. And for now, getting this information on my website is the priority for me.

6 thoughts on “To my commenters

  1. Ps I really am sorry I frightened one of your commenters off. I actually have a great affection for all my JW friends and I pray continually for them to accept Jesus. The definitely have a love for God.

  2. Hello Mike,

    Thanks for the info. I would say from the above it is a bit fruitless at this time anyway, to respond to you personally. I will wait until you have decided to take the time to defend your positions. There is so much that you are not considering that it’s difficult to know where to grab a handle and start the unraveling process, so I’ll wait until you’re not so busy. I will likely be sending you some emails though along the way so things aren’t lost.

    Take care,

    1. Hi Rotherham,

      I’m nearing the end of my flurry of posts as I only have a few left to edit. I’m well aware that there is much to be mentioned in my posts, which is intentional in keeping things brief. I think you’d understand this as I feel the WT is far more guilty in this regard.

      But definitely do send the emails through the contact form and I’ll see about addressing it in a post. I find this to be a better use if my time than endless discussions in the comments that not as many will read.

  3. For now, I will simply direct my comments to you and others who would not be considered apostate from our standpoint. I hope someday you can seriously address these things when you have time.


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