Quick update: Did the 70 years end in 539 B.C.E. or 537?

A reader recently pointed out some difficulty in finding various citations per the old WT CD-ROM. Back in those days, it was very difficult for a non-JW to obtain this resource. Thankfully, a few years ago they released it online for anyone to use. I admit that it’s an impressive resource and is especially helpful … More Quick update: Did the 70 years end in 539 B.C.E. or 537?

My Thoughts on the Recent JW.org Online Library Updates

Until recently, if you wanted to obtain information from Watchtower publications going back to the 1950’s through the 1990’s, you either had to have the printed publications, access to the Watchtower Library CD-ROM, or worse, scans of the publications.  This made the situation quite difficult for non-JW’s and their interactions with JW’s.  Here’s why: A … More My Thoughts on the Recent JW.org Online Library Updates

New “Existence of God” page and some other ramblings

If anyone is interested, I added a NEW PAGE in the “articles” section on the existence of God.  Most of these are videos that I made over the past few years as I began to develop my theology surrounding God’s existence and how to refute naturalism/atheism.  I plan on doing much more of this and probably … More New “Existence of God” page and some other ramblings


Thank you all for being so patient as i’ve posted all these articles but not yet responded to the comments. My purpose was to re-post and re-edit some of my older articles so that my previous research did not go to waste as I started over in building this site.  As far as I can … More UPDATE

To my commenters

In light of all of my recent posts to which some have commented, I have yet to respond. Please consider the previous post where I explained my reasons for this. Once I finish editing and posting all the pre-written articles that I plan to post, then I’ll do my best to address some of the … More To my commenters

Quick update

Some of you have already taken notice of a recent flurry of posts within the past couple of days. In fact, a few comments have been posted, which are most welcome! These posts will continue fairly rapidly when I have time. What I’m doing is taking old articles from my old blogger site and re-posting … More Quick update

More updates

In trying to make this site more of a resource rather than a blog, i’ve been trying to get all of my audio uploaded that i’ve done in the past which I feel comfortable sharing publicly.  You should be able to find all this under the “media” tab at the top.  Its nice to finally … More More updates

Coming soon

Welcome to my new site!  This will certainly be a work in progress, but i’m very excited with what’s coming.  Stay tuned as everything develops! My OLD SITE will remain up indefinitely as some may find the information useful.  However, i’ll be reposting much of what I found to be useful on my old site on … More Coming soon