Thank you all for being so patient as i’ve posted all these articles but not yet responded to the comments. My purpose was to re-post and re-edit some of my older articles so that my previous research did not go to waste as I started over in building this site.  As far as I can tell, I should be done with this project.  The end goal was to update the ARTICLES SECTION whereby the reader can utilize this as more of an information-based website rather than a blog.

Now that i’m finished with this, I will do my best to address some of the comments.  Personally, I find it to be an unproductive use of my time to engage in debates in the comment sections of the posts that few may read.  I’ve been blogging for years and very little fruit has been produced.  But more importantly, I rarely get comments like, “thank you so much for the endless debates in the comment section of your posts!”  Instead, the readers find it more useful to have articles as a resource.

Therefore, if you really want to have a debate, then let’s set up a debate (on terms we can agree on, of course).  I may set up a new tab called “debate challenge” or something along those lines with the terms I would agree to.  This way I won’t have to explain myself over and over again as to why I don’t find written debates all that useful.  And this is based on experience, not mere opinion.

As I go through the comments, I may or may not address them all.  Most likely, if I find it to be a useful objection, I may write an entirely new post in addressing that objection so I can include it in my “articles” section.  Otherwise, I may respond in the comment section so as to provide some clarity in light of the question.

But the best way to have your comment or objection heard is to contact me HERE.

Thanks to all the readers and commenters, whether you agree or disagree with me.  This site was not built for me, but for you and those who are searching for answers on these important issues.

One thought on “UPDATE

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