New “Existence of God” page and some other ramblings

If anyone is interested, I added a NEW PAGE in the “articles” section on the existence of God.  Most of these are videos that I made over the past few years as I began to develop my theology surrounding God’s existence and how to refute naturalism/atheism.  I plan on doing much more of this and probably much less on Jehovah’s Witnesses as I continue my studies.

Why is this?  Well, for starters, I never come in contact with Jehovah’s Witnesses outside of the internet.  This is contrary to my experiences since 2006 where I was literally encountering JW’s several times a week.  This is primarily why I smothered my blog with articles on JW theology for years.  And why wouldn’t I?

However, things changed when my “real life” interactions with JW’s came to a close.  I was presented with opportunities to minister in other areas; namely, in teaching Christians how to defend their faith and interacting with secularists (now on a weekly basis).  This is not to say that there aren’t JW’s on the internet who need to hear the truth.  Quite the contrary!  But sometimes its also good to bloom where we’re planted and use our gifts to their fullest potential.  So it might be well and good to be digging into the newest Watchtower study edition and interacting with the articles therein (which i’m sure i’ll still do on noteworthy articles).  But it might be even better to be focusing on the areas in which i’m being provided more opportunities to equip Christians and share the gospel with non-Christians.

With that said, there will certainly be a change of direction in my studies and the articles on this site.  And I will also say this: there will probably be more time studying and writing and less time debating in the comment sections.  Sometimes the latter is necessary and helpful, but there has to be a balance since some of us have very limited time.

I realize that I left a few things hanging (in particular, my discussions with Rotherham), and maybe i’ll come back to those in the future.  But for now, I hope that at least a few people out there are getting something out of this.

Oh, and I forgot to mention a few other tiny updates.  I now have a beliefs and support section if anyone is interested.

2 thoughts on “New “Existence of God” page and some other ramblings

  1. Mike:

    I think for as long as I’ve known you (from the YouTube days), you’ve always had an apologetics ministry directed at Jehovah’s Witnesses. From what I gather it seems this is the end of the road, so to speak. I would urge the contrary. There’s few sites and people online that have done the sort of work you’ve done on these topics.

    Certainly the topics on Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t as popular as they once were as in the early 2000s when Stafford, Furuli, and other Witnesses were very active. But I think this is due to the fact that the level of argumentation has deteriorated. By and large, Witnesses aren’t being forced to engage in intellectual arguments.

    Most of the stuff online is very basic dealing with things that don’t really matter. There’s needs to be a renewal in more sophisticated argumentation. Granted, most of the interactions online between Witnesses and nonWitnesses have been over christological concerns. But from my experience, focusing on the two hopes and soteriology in general is something new. I’ve never seen a thorough study done on Witness soterology or a full articulation of the one biblical hope.

    There are still many areas that need to be explored, but explored in a thorough and sophisticated manner. I think the area of ‘popular apologetics’ is dead. Now, I think, is the time for there to be a new and thorough analysis that breaks away from “popular” apologetics. I’d like to see an effort like the ‘Trinitarian Journal’ you participated in but focusing on Jehovah’s Witnesses. To my knowledge, there’s never been an endeavor like that.

    1. Hi Ivan-

      I appreciate your concerns and encouragement. It sounds like I gave the impression that I was done with JW’s altogether, so that’s my fault for giving the wrong impression. I have every intention of continuing that work in running alongside the very few who are engaging the most important issues; ones like yourself and Meleti.

      With that said, as much as I see a need for this work and enjoy the research, it’s simply not something that I can maintain as my primary area. The reason being, I’m currently presented with some very good opportunities that I simply cannot pass up.

      These opportunities will require a lot of study in a wide variety of areas in order to be effective. Just to name one of these areas: a chapter director position with Ratio Christi, which takes place on university campuses. It’s an apologetics club that confronts secularism and such head on. So you can imagine the types of things I will need to be sharp on.

      So if there is time, I will absolutely continue to post on JW’s. And I failed to mention as well that I’m a writer for CARM and devoted to improving their JW section. And I’m sure you’d agree, it needs improving! And being one of the most visited apologetics website there is (tens of thousands of new views each day), that too is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. And yes, I will be linking to those posts.

      I like your idea about the Journal. Perhaps we could put our heads together and figure something out. After all, anyone can put out a book today, so why couldn’t we do a journal? That would certainly motivate me to continue in this work.

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