Mormonism, God, & Becoming a God

Here’s a presentation I did on March 23, 2016 at Georgia State University.  The video turned out pretty poorly as we had to turn out the lights so the screen could be easily viewed by everyone.  So if the video bothers you, please check out the audio link below.  I’m also including my slideshow for the viewer to follow along.  I believe this is the first time i’ve presented on a topic solely related to Mormonism, so this was a bit of an experiment.  The students really seemed to enjoy it and had a lot of questions; much more than what I get when speaking on JW’s.  While i’ll probably pursue more speaking engagements on Mormonism, i’m not so sure i’ll do much writing given there is already so much out there on Mormonism that I don’t think I can improve upon it at this point.

Listen to Audio HERE

View the slides HERE

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