JW Broadcast Review – March 2018

Reviewing the March 2018 JW Broadcast

Topics of discussion: the authority of the Governing Body


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2 thoughts on “JW Broadcast Review – March 2018

  1. You put it succinctly: absolutely ludicrous. These so called broadcasts are vomit inducing. WT has joined the TV evangelism industry, something WT itself not so long ago disdained. This, along with the golden calf of their logo ‘jw.org’, makes it no different from all the other phoney religions.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Excellent review! Glad you did it to show the absolute ridiculousness of the Org in it’s current state. Gerrit Losch asks “why should you trust the Slave?” Well duh! Obviously because Jehovah and Jesus trust them, you silly goose!!

    Seriously though, with no scriptural support and no empirical evidence, why would anybody do that? Psalm 146:3 is often used by the Org. Yet it says, “Do not put your trust in man”. Another glaring Watchtower error. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

    Mike, you asked the question in your review if, according to Losch, disfellowshippings were indeed “rare”? I can only give you my life experience as an Elder for a quarter century or so and then the reader can draw their own conclusions.

    I would first like to preface this information with this: I know now that what I took part of in the past was unscriptural and unloving. Contrary to being proud of my ” record”, I now am very ashamed that I took part in the Judicial Process of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I pray that God and Christ will forgive of these actions taken in ignorance.

    Your question in the video got me thinking, how common or rare is being disfellowshipped?

    Looking back, I would say that over the years I was part of at least 200 Judicial Committees. (That is probably a low estimate) In the early 90’s, at least 95% of these were for “immorality”. Of those committees formed, about 75% resulted in disfellowshipping. This was the continuing trend until about 2010 or so, when the reasons for Judicial action started taking a more pronounced direction to so-called “Apostasy”. Yes, JW’s were starting to “wake up” to the doctrinal errors of the Org. I think it is obvious that the Internet is responsible for that.

    2010 was also the year that the “overlapping generations” teaching was put forward by the Governing Body. At that time, I started to really question what was going on but buried my thoughts deep down inside because I was still a “company man”. As such, to my shame, I took part in witch hunts to “cleanse” the congregations. Offenses meriting Judicial action now started to be about 70% for immorality and 30% for “apostasy”.

    That was in the US. As we have recently seen in Hull in England, there is now mass disfellowshipping for so-called apostasy simply because JW’s are starting to figure out they have been lied to by the Org. Yes, the “Purge in Hull” seems to be playing out on a more global scale currently.

    So, is disfellowshipping “rare” as Gerrit Losch would have us believe? You decide……

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