Items regarding a Podcast idea and the comments section

It should be obvious by now that my posts have been very few for a while now due to a number of very difficult circumstances in my life, not the least of which was a very long move (which is still not completed).  Now that I have my office set up (priorities, right?), i’m trying to think of a way to make the best impact I can with my gifts and very limited amount of time (which I don’t actually have just yet).  So I thought a podcast would be great, both video and audio.  Here’s what i’m thinking: it would always be under 15 minutes and would be a “beyond the basics” look at JW theology.  While basics are always helpful, I think there’s enough resources out there covering the basics and very little that is focused and in depth.  Since this would be under 15 minutes, i’m thinking the prep time would be pretty quick; much quicker than typing out a post.  There’s just so much i’ve wanted to write on but so little time to do so.

Now that I have some really nice equipment, my next step is to actually do it.  But first I need a name.  If anyone has an idea for a podcast title, i’m open to ideas.  I have very high standards for this and won’t stop short of very high quality; both in terms of productions and information.

Next on my list is the comment sections of my blog.  I’m sure i’ve addressed this before but i’ll address it again: I don’t write posts in order to engage in long discussions in the comments section.  However, if someone needs clarification on an item of my post, i’ll be happy to offer it.  But given my limited time, I can’t promise that i’ll always be able to engage in conversations.  In fact, i’m more than likely not able to.  Let me put it this way: unless it’s something I could write on my phone on the go (e.g. while walking or at a red light), I probably won’t engage.  But here’s what I can do: allow anyone to comment as much as they want as long as it’s on topic and respectful.  You can even write refutations and get the last word.  I have no problem with that.

However, if you choose not to respect the fact that i’m not always able to engage to your liking, then i’m sorry.  I think my past debates and interactions prove that when I have the time, I can and will engage.  So if I can’t respond or my responses are short, it has nothing to do with me running away, avoiding a challenge, etc.  If that’s what you think, then feel free to choose another forum where others will engage you.  But to my readers who choose to respect my time and priorities, thank you and I hope you’re benefiting in some way from this site.

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